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    "I’ve heard so many different answers when I ask the question, What’s Your Story?

    From people telling me about their childhood to listing their accomplishments as if they’re reading from their resume. There is no right answer. I see it as a fascinating study on people, and how they interpret the question’s meaning. It’s also a great reminder that we each have our own unique story filled with ups, downs, tragedy, triumph, and everything in-between.'

    ~ Kathy Bacon ~

    Wednesday, March 14 @8pm MST

    Executive Director at Mile High Sober Living

    Jeff Warner

    Wednesday, March 21 @7pm PST

    A civic researcher, documentarian, and media artist. Focus: Development and Social Change

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    Wednesday, February 7 @8pm MST

    Life Lover. Story Teller. Action Taker. Friend Maker. People = Possibilities

    Wednesday, February 21 @8pm MST

    Jewelry Designer, Artist, Author

    Jillie Johnston

    "Elevation of Inspiration"

    All LOVE

    Wednesday, February 28 @10am MST

    Founder of "Love Letters to Yourself"


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