Kathy Bacon

    talk show host | visionary | adventurer

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    “We constantly wait for a miracle to happen in our life, unaware that the miracle is actually life itself.” ~ Daniel Chidiac
    I pride myself on my journey of living, learning and recreating who I am. I seem to stumble upon the best of everyone and everything along the way.
    I lend my expertise whenever possible to those who seek new ideas and are willing to take a risk. I have dipped my hands in so many amazing endeavors in life. From starting a non-profit from the ground up, a visionary consultant to start-ups, teaching English in China, to traveling around Southeast Asia. In addition, I hosted a radio show called What's Your Story? where my guests had a rare opportunity to share their stories in a safe, loving and nonjudgemental environment. This show went in many directions. I have a passion for storytelling that's enabled me to find this outlet and to share others stories and inspire my audience at large.
    I have been hosting radio shows for close to 10 years now. When I started in 2006, I hosted a show called Pay it Forward Radio & then Fashion Forward Radio. I needed a break after What's Your Story? Radio. So I have taken one! Podcasting is the on the horizon next, after my well deserved break. Look for "A Day In The Life" podcasts in 2019 on Anchor.
    I am currently living in Seattle, Washington by Elliott Bay with my husband and Zen Master cat, Zoey. I have three grown children who also live in the Seattle area and I am the proud "Nanna" of one grandson. I love to travel and consider myself an avid adventurer, especially after living in Thailand for the past 2 years.
    I am greatly inspired by the beauty of what I see in my everyday life.

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