• Sixty years. Sixty days.

    Sixty things I've learned.

    Sharing what I have learned on this Milestone Birthday

    Let's See ..... What Have I Learned

    Day 1

    Notice the Good

    Day 2

    Find Your Purpose

    Day 3

    Put Yourself First

    Day 4

    There Are 2 Sides to Every Story

    Day 5

    Never Say Never

    Day 6

    Everyone Has a Story

    Day 7

    The 4 Agreements

    Day 8

    Less is Best

    Day 9

    There is No Perfect Family

    Day 10

    Forgive Quickly

    Day 11

    Not Everyone Wants Kids

    Day 12


    Day 13

    Get Out in Nature

    Day 14

    Drop Expectations

    Day 15

    Be of Service

    Day 16

    Friends Come and Go

    Day 17

    Smiling Can Change Your Day!

    Day 18

    Write a Handwritten Note

    Day 19

    Let People Merge in Your Lane in Traffic

    Day 20

    Embrace Change

    Day 21

    Laugh as Much as You Can

    Day 22

    Age is Just Number

    Day 23

    Enjoy Being a Grandparent

    Day 24

    Don't Care What Others Think of You

    Day 25


    Day 26

    Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    Day 27

    Get a Pet

    Day 28

    Spend Time With Elephants

    Day 29

    Diets Don't Work

    Day 30

    Move Your Body

    Day 31

    Say Thank You to a Compliment

    Day 32

    Buy the Shoes

    Day 33

    You Don't Always Have to be Strong

    Day 34

    Stop Blaming

    Day 35

    Words Matter

    Day 36

    Create a Bucket List

    Day 37

    Be Good Listener

    Day 38

    Believe in Something

    Day 39

    Doctors Don't Know Everything

    Day 40

    Live Life to the Fullest

    Day 41

    You Are Never to Old and it is Never Too Late

    Day 42

    It's OK to Stay in Bed & Watch Netflix All Day

    Day 43

    The World is Abundant

    Day 44

    Wear Sunscreen

    Day 45

    Spend Time With the Elderly

    Day 46

    Everything Happens For a Reason

    Day 47

    Your Happiness is Up to You

    Day 48

    Try the Hard Stuff

    Day 49

    Being a Parent is the Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done

    Day 50

    Get to Know Your Neighbors

    Day 51

    Meditation is a Powerful Practice

    Day 52

    Let People Know How Much They Mean to You

    Day 53

    Be Up Front

    Day 54

    Don't Discuss Politics and Religion

    Day 55

    Apologies Are For You Not Them

    Day 56

    You Can't Go Back

    Day 57

    Find a Hobby

    Day 58

    Mental Illness is Real​

    Day 59

    We Can Agree to Disagree

    Day 60

    Finish What You Start

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