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    "Throughout my life, I have rarely met anyone who exemplifies the concept of 'giving with expecting nothing in return quite like Kathy Bacon does. Kathy lives and breathes the idea of accepting, loving, and growing with purpose. This is clearly shown in her determination to highlight what others are doing to make a difference through her Pay it Forward Radio. I am honored to know Kathy as a great supporter, confidant, but most of all one of my greatest and trusted friends."

    - Chrissie Hodges, Public Speaker/Mental Health Advocate


    "Kathy Bacon is, among other things, an extraordinary Radio Show Host. She constantly attracts nationally known guests and her interview style brings out the best in them week after week. Kathy’s radio show, “Pay It Forward Radio”, is the best “Feel-Good” show in the Country because she truly walks the walk and lives the talk about doing good in our communities. If you are looking for a speaker who can motivate and inspire, look no further than Kathy Bacon!"

    - Larry Hoss Andrews, CEO MileHi Radio


    "The first time I spoke with Kathy, on the phone, she reached out with joy, enthusiasm and warmth. That was 10 years ago. Kathy is a special person in some may ways. She is open, honest and trusting. I am so blessed to know Kathy and be part of her life. The true test of anyone's core is how one handles diversity and the bumps in the road. It is how you turn the hurdles into smooth waves. So let me tell you, the charming, smiling beauty of Kathy goes deep into soul. Everyone she comes in contact with benefits. I am inspired by her spirit for humanity."

    - Susan Goldbach, Community Volunteer


    "Some people talk the talk and some walk the walk. Kathy Bacon does both. She exemplifies the concept of Paying It Forward. She is a speaker, an educator and an expert that shares amazing stories and points you in the right direction. Acts of kindness is what Kathy talks about and believes in. Listening to her stories and experiences is what makes her talks riveting."

    - Judy Hoberman, Author, 'Selling In A Skirt"


    "I’ve been lucky enough to know Kathy for the past 5 years and am grateful for such a wise and wonderful friend. Kathy has inspired me in many ways with my business and has been there along every step of the way as I’ve grown as an entrepreneur.”

    - Brandi Shigley, Fashion Denver - B-23 Productions


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