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Adam Baca

Transforming Young Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Families & Children to Live Better Quality Lives Through Elevated Wellness & Approaches to benefit the World.

Date of Interview - Tuesday, January 17, 2017 @ 8pm MST

Adam is a Co Founder and Outreach Director of Day Without Hate, an international organization that promotes unity, peace, and respect in schools, universities, and businesses.

He is an international educator for high schoolers on social change making, leadership, and social entrepreneurship. He's also the owner of Elevated Health & Fitness, transforming young professionals, entrepreneurs, families, and children to live better quality lives through elevated wellness approaches that benefit the world.

Baca recently co-founded Kojo Life, a personal development company helping people create positive habits in their life to achieve greatness. He loves working with non profits and young leaders to increase their impact in their communities and create change. He believes we are all socially responsible to make the world a better place then we found it.

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