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Aiden, Till & Karen Klammer

A Family's Commitment: Taking Action Against Plastic Pollution

in Our Oceans

Date of Interview - Friday, November 24 @10am PST

Till, originally from Germany and Karen originally from Australia have been living in Switzerland for many years, and it’s where their son Aidan was born. The family has alway had a connection to water.

Till grew up on the Swiss Lakes sailing in junior and senior championships and having the love of all water sports. Karen grew up on the coast of Western Australia enjoying surfing and fishing. They met while working at an Adventure company in Switzerland, both guiding white water rafting trips, sailing and kayaking tours. They share a love for sports and all things connected to water.

About Clean Ocean - From a school project to ....

It started as a school project for an 11 year old, a project about the ocean and how to save it. Now we are reaching out for an APP - to clean up beaches and maybe more. A lot of the volunteer work has been done to see the project develop so far, but we have now reached a point where we will need financial help to finish this App. We decided to try and find some funding, to finance the completion of Clean Ocean App which hopefully will motivate friends around the world to clean beaches and become a community of marine environment protectors. The oceans need you now.

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