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Cara Jones

"Second Coming"

The Documentary

Revisiting The Past So It Can be Released


"When family is built on faith, can you leave one without losing the other?"

Date of Interview - Tuesday, November 7 @ 10am PST

Cara Jones is a multiple Emmy Award winning reporter, personal story coach and founder of Storytellers for Good. From board rooms to thatched huts around the globe, she has spent the last two decades deeply listening to people’s stories and crafting them into meaningful narratives.

In addition to creating short films on inspiring humans from India’s first surfer girl to a team of homeless marathon runners, Cara is devoted to helping leaders amplify their impact through compelling personal narratives that speak to the heart via Storybreakthrough. Her own journey of writing her first memoir and creating a feature length film on her family’s unique religious upbringing has informed and inspired this work.

Cara is a MOTH Story Slam winner and her work has been published in the Washington Post, Boston Globe and the Huffington Post. She has shared her storytelling workshops at South by Southwest, The Goodwill Industries International Conference and companies around the San Francisco Bay. She loves popcorn, international travel and is grateful that, after many years traveling solo around the globe, she is now living out her greatest adventure as a wife and new mom.

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