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Carlyn Shaw

Denver's Strangers to Friends Takes the City by Storm in it's Creative Dialogue to a "Meetup."

Date of Interview: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 @ 8pm MST

An insightful writer and inspirational speaker, Carlyn empowers others to see setbacks as stepping stones in disguise, let go of perceived labels and say "YES" to life. Carlyn lives with the philosophy that people equal possibilities and action creates more action, therefore not only do we all have a purpose but we can create our purpose.


Having overcome many challenges, including her diagnosis with MS at the age of 19, Carlyn chooses to "let fear be her fuel." She has appeared on Anderson Cooper and was featured in the Denver Post after completing the Boston Marathon.


Carlyn's adventurous spirit has inspired others to step out of their comfort zones as well. Authentic, Trustworthy and Real are three words she uses to describe herself.


Now her journey has led her to a new place, a new realization, that there is nothing like human connection. Thus, Strangers to Friends is taking Denver by storm and people are coming together to meet and share their stories and pieces of themselves, creating community and love. Because of her own unique experience, she is working one on one with people to help them connect to their passions and say yes to a life of being open to people and creating possibilities.


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