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Caroline Corey

Caroline's Interesting Life Of Travel & Adventure

Date of Interview - Tuesday, August 15, 2017 @ 8pm MST

Caroline was born in Middlesex, London England April 3rd 1962 British & Proud American Citizen since 2002. "I am an Immigrant!" Caroline lives in Denver, Colorado.

Currently, Caroline owns LINE DEZINE CREATIVE CONSULTING Art Consultant and

Agent FESTA SPORTS - Athletic Wear Brand Ambassador

She is on the Art Advisory group for the New World Trade Center Denver in the RINO district

Developing an expanded Arts Program for St. Timothy's Church in Highlands Ranch. This will be her third time developing an Arts Program for an Anglican Church

She is writing her Memoir, "The Entertaining Expat" A story of life overseas as a Child and a second generation Oil Wife. In development - Documentary “The Price of Oil” 100 years of two families in the Energy Industry.

Political Activist - The Kind Progressive - A small but powerful group of thinkers who look at Resistance as a powerful form of protest but done thoughtfully, with kindness as we express our dismay!

Was an active Anti- Chavista while living in Caracas, Venezuela from 1999-2005

Animal Rescue - almost done now with that but rescued over 100 animals in my life.
My second Cousin is currently walking 800 kilometers in Spain on the Camino del Compostela to raise awareness and her mother, my cousin runs a dog rescue in the Grand Canarias. My other cousin just came back from Thailand and Cambodia visiting and working at the Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand.

Caroline has traveled to over 40 countries while living overseas, studied Art, staged Art Shows and taught Art Education in the International School system and in the USA in Lafayette, Louisiana and Durango CO.

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