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Dani Turcotte

Helping Entrepreneurs Transform Their Lives by Changing Their Beliefs About Money, Success and Self-Worth!

Date of Interview -Tuesday, September 29, 2017 @ 1pm EST

Dani Turcotte is an Intuitive Money Mindset Coach, founder and owner of and creator of The Magic of Money Mastermind. She helps soulful entrepreneurs all over the world tap into their inner magic + transform their lives by helping them heal their money beliefs and create new paradigms for massive success, wealth and confidence!

She believes we all have the power and freedom to choose our own paths, and to decide what kind of life we want to create. No, for real. It's true. Thriving on serving others fully, Dani empowers people to CHOOSE. That's her nirvana. Her sweet spot. Her triple chocolate sundae, if you will. (don't judge).

Her loving & humorous yet ZERO BULLSHIT approach is distinctive and refreshing, and gets RESULTS. She fancies herself an Intuitive Money Mindset Coach and Mentor, but clients have referred to her as a "Light Worker, Healer, Ninja Fairy, SHEro, Earth Angel, Psychic Badass, and Shining Light." She has been featured on iHeart Radio and is currently working on her first autobiographical book. Dani is also fluent in sarcasm, and loves pizza, black clothing, Sephora makeup and animals. All the animals.

​She humbly gives gratitude each day for her amazing clients!


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