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Elayna Hasty

Elayna's Founding of G.A.B. Girls Organization Promotes Leadership, Self-Esteem, Community Involvement, & Communication Skills to Children of All Ages.

Date of Interview - Tuesday, March 14, 2017 @ 9pm CST

Elayna is recognized as an anti-bullying advocate and openly shares her experiences through public speaking as part of her Girls Against Bullying Girls Workshops. G.A.B. Girls is a non for profit organization that promotes leadership, self-esteem, and community involvement and communication skills to children of all ages. The goal between the girls is to unite against bullying.

At the age of nine, Elayna decided that she wanted to make a difference. Elayna was bullied going into her new school and had been bullied by an adult. She also witnessed a fifth grade boy taking away a lunch bag and teasing a kindergartener. Elayna knew it was not right.

Elayna even had a friend who resulted in being homeschooled due to bullying. For Elayna, her friend’s incident hit close to home. At the moment, Elayna knew it was time to make a change.

Elayna has put in more than 2000 hours of community service since 2010 and has spoken to over 1200. She has participated in Kids Against Hunger, Williams County Animal Shelter, Williams County Cancer Association and Queens For A Cause. Elayna has been recognized by several organizations; Kids Are Heroes, Over My Shoulder Foundation, Super Girl Radio, and Yes FM Christian Radio. She is also a member of One Girl, One Voice. Elayna has received the True Beauty Award, Kids Are Heroes Award, National American Miss Preteen Volunteer Service Award (for Ohio), was a 2010 Recipient of the Cheryl Harter People’s Choice Award, and is a 2017 state finalist in Prudential Spirit of Community. Elayna is also a recipient of the President’s Volunteer GOLD premier Service Award. She was also spotlighted in BYOU and GLO magazine for her work. This past November she became part of the Miss America family. She is the current Miss Fort Wayne Outstanding Teen. Elayna enjoys track, being a part of Vocal Infinity, being involved with her youth group at church and spending time with her friends.

Elayna works vigorously in trying to reach out to students across the country. She encourages them and shares her motto; “Encourage, Lead, and Empower.” Elayna receives and personally answers letters to each girl and mom asking for bullying support.

She helps in empowering students nationwide to be comfortable and proud of their own true beauty. Elayna’s elementary workshops cater to younger girls by encouraging self-esteem, leadership, and compassion for others. The girl’s role play and break into small group discussions regarding bullying. They also help younger girls discuss what makes them special. Advanced workshops are designed for middle school girls to open up about the mean girl syndrome, trying to fit in, and finding the courage to go out into the community to make their own positive mark.

Elayna also has a workshop called Stand Up Speak Out that is often used for schools and bigger organization that is custom made for boys and girls. For more information on scheduling a workshop, please contact our email:

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