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Jeff Warner

"The Moments' Pause Project: Reminders of Our Natural Roots."

Date of Interview: Wednesday, March 21 @ 7pm PST

Jeffrey Warner is a civic journalist — writer, documentary photographer, filmmaker, and media consultant.

Applying formal education in communication, sociology and psychology, he harnesses skills including photography and video production, graphic layout design, writing (various genres), editing, interviewing, interpersonal communication, social media voice, and media project design.

Jeffrey has for a decade been filling various roles in social research and media. This has included as an employee for television news, newspapers, and magazines. He also as a freelancer has worked for private companies (including as a Reuter’s stringer on Barack Obama’s press pool) and for government and non-government organizations.

Jeffrey’s written and photographic work has been published or exhibited in the United States, in SE-Asia at various venues and academic conferences (including TedX), and online for entities such as the Royal Photographic Society and for the United Nations.

While Jeffrey has experience in Europe and Bosnia, he has since 2010 been living in northern Thailand. There, he has been dedicated to independently focusing chiefly on the societal impacts of economic development phenomena, particularly its impacts on traditional cultures.

This has included learning from some of the region’s rural marginalized peoples — primarily indigenous ethnic “hill tribe” communities. Jeffrey has worked with Burmese refugees on the Thai-Burma border. He has as well regionally traveled to or worked in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

Jeffrey has two books that, as a context for studying development impacts, focus on the SE-Asia region. He is now pursuing Masters/Phd degree studies in Taiwan at National Dong Hwa University

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