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Jon Blystone

"Seven Ways in 7 Days"

My Journey From Darkness to Light

My favorite quote is " Your Day Will Go The Way The Corners Of Your Mouth Turn."​

Date of Interview - Friday, November 10 @ 10am PST

Jon was raised in a 2 parent home that had love and support. His parents were great examples to him and his brother. Jon has always been extremely extroverted and thrives in areas involving people.

Jon has been married twice and has 2 sons from the first marriage. During that first marriage he was involved in owning, operating and building businesses. Jon had 7 at one point and the time consumption led to the end of that marriage in 2003. He was married a second time in 2007 and that ended in 2014. That marriage was so toxic and led him to the path he is on now.

Jon truly went through the storm to get to the sunshine. He has lived in numerous states in his life, California, Alaska, Colorado, Florida and Louisiana. Jon has had many great life experiences and traveled a bit outside the country.

Jon has completed the writing of my first book and it has been submitted to a publisher with a planned release in March 2018. He is a member of Toastmasters International, belonging to The Camarillo Evening Toastmasters Club. Jon has achieved the Competent Communicator and Competent Leader designations and is working in the Advanced Manual series now.

Jon plans to use his public speaking skills to speak to groups of any size and provide them the benefits of his experiences. Jon truly believes that for him, gratitude is the biggest part of his foundation. It absolutely changed my life.

Jon has a personal Facebook page and one titled "Seven Ways In 7 Days." He tries to post something positive or of value each day. He would love for people to like the page and share feedback. Jon is also participating on a local radio show,"The Kim Pagano Show, The Brighter Side Of Life." It is an avenue that is rewarding and comfortable to him.

"My life is so different from just 5 years ago. Mostly for the better. Feel free to take any picture from my Seven Ways page, you will find a great selection. My favorite quote is " Your Day Will Go The Way The Corners Of Your Mouth Turn."

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