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Kaye A. Peters

A Life's Journey of 80 + Years.

Date of Interview - Friday, October 20 2017 @ 10am PST

Kaye is 80 years old (4/2/2017). She enjoys public speaking; She is a published author and consider herself an advocate and representative example of seniors’ lifestyle potential.

After freshman year at University of Minnesota, Kaye chose to find her place in the world of employment. In 1956, with organizational and typing skills, she worked as a legal secretary. After 9 years of various administrative assistant positions to lawyers/corporate executives, Kaye moved into the entrepreneurial business sector. She had garnered the mechanics and contacts to launch her niche creation, her own executive search firm which Kaye operated for 21 years. Soon after retiring, she was fortunate to enjoy an avocation, teaching emotionally impaired teenagers for 4 1/2 years, in a charter school.

Married three times, and besides making a living, Kaye was a parent of two sons. The younger lives locally, the eldest took his life in 2011. He was 46. Kaye shares this and other experiences publicly through my blog and also in videos.

Kaye has made good and not-so-good choices in her life. Notwithstanding, she's enjoyed the privilege to have made these choices. "My life learning is vast and I’m happy to pass on anything and everything that might help others."

In 1990, Kaye moved from Minnesota to Phoenix, Arizona, where she belongs.

Life passes really quickly, and as I’ve said before, “If Grandma Moses could start painting at 78, I can start a blog!” and that I did in 2015.

Kaye is the Author of her new book -Unbridled Commentary...Without Flinch!: FROM A WOMAN OF YEARS IN THE 'MIDDLE' OF HER LIFE - click here to purchase this inspiring book for free!

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