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Kerri-Ann Appleton

Finding Your Authentic Self Through Loving Through the Pain.

Date of Interview - Tuesday, April 18, 2017 @ 8pm MST - 10pm EST

Kerri-Ann’s life has lead her from a small town in New Hampshire to the outback of Australia, a degree in Political Science, traveling around the world with Up with People, working over 15 years in the nonprofit sector and now living and thriving in Brazil. The moments in between have been grand but it's the finer ones that have made her who she is today. As Kerri-Ann was exploring the world, she started to get curious about the inner world and how it was creating her outer world experiences.

Ten years ago she started studying neuroscience, meditation and quantum physics. Through that journey down the rabbit hole Kerri-Ann started learning more about herself and her life began to change. At first the change was slow and she did not see a lot of differences but over time many changes have occurred, which brought her to be where she is today, a happier and more fulfilled person.

The universe has been guiding to places Kerri-Ann could never imagine including Brazil where it helped crack her heart wide open. She sold her condo, her car and 90% of her things…packed her dog and moved south as Brazil as it was calling her. Many thought she was crazy and others called her brave but she is just following her heart which has lead her on a wild adventure of love.

Kerri-Ann is still on her unique journey but now sharing her knowledge and experience with others around the world through her work.

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