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Krystal Covington

How Networking as an Introvert Led Krystal to Starting a Different Kind of Group.

Date of Interview - Friday, August 18, 2017 @ 11am MST

"I was a total nerd, but I think I was kind of a cool nerd, we'll give me that." - Krystal Covington

Branding strategist, PR specialist, keynote speaker, national trainer, talk show host.


Krystal is a PR and communications expert focused on building client credibility and influence to shorten the sales cycle. She has led the launch of multi-million dollar projects and has worked directly with leaders of companies ranging from startup to fortune 500.

Krystal is a TEDx presenter, national speaker and trainer, and founder and CEO of Women of Denver, a social enterprise association with hundreds of members. She has been featured in numerous publications, blogs and podcasts, most notably Entrepreneur on Fire, Forbes and Fast Company.

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