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Linda Kozloff-Turner

"Women of Jewelry"

Interviewing 100 women in the jewelry industry to highlight how the successful designers make it and stay in business.

Date of Interview - Wednesday, February 21 @ 8pm MST

"I am a multiple professional grant recipient, including the Rocky Mountain Women's Institute Associate, Project Grant recipient for Colorado Photographic Art Center, Major Arts Grant recipient for the City and County of Boulder, Ernst Haas Grant for Anderson Ranch, Dean's Grants for work in graduate studies at CU Boulder, Major Grant recipient for Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad/NY I have written a book entitled 'Guided By Angel's' and overview of my adoption search and ultimately finding my entire birth family before the internet in 1988."

"I am a product designer that has developed furniture, life products and timekeeping software that was endorsed by Dr. Christiane Northrop for my 'That Time of the Month' software that told the user what day they were on in their menses cycle."

"No longer did I want to sit at the bench and struggle over making a piece of metal flat or create a perfect heart shape. I pushed back as hard as I could and saw very little results. Still I persisted.


One morning I woke up and I thought, you know, I don't think I am the only woman going

through this in this industry! At that moment I conceived of the book, Women of

Jewelry'. My goal is to interview 100 women in the jewelry industry of every walk of life, not only to learn for myself how the successful designers make it and stay in business, but to enlighten the next generation of women in this industry."

"Imagine my surprise when women all over said yes! they all wanted to be interviewed. I

teamed up with a photographer Hardy Klahold, and in this equation, I am neither the designer nor the photographer, but rather the author. I felt this book will be my hallmark on the world of jewelry making. In the past year, I have interviewed 20 women with 20 more lined up for Couture in Las Vegas. It turns out, I am not the only woman going through what I am going through, and I assure you, neither are you."

"You can track my progress and see who I have interviewed, by following me on Instagram Women of Jewelry, and I look forward to the museum exhibit I am planning of all 100 women's work, stories, and the sage advice each one of them has to offer. I have laughed, I have cried, I have spoken to some of the most proficient jewelry artists of our time, and every one has something to offer. If you have an artist you think I should interview, let me know! The moral of this story, as Jessica Kagan Cushman states, "Never ever ever ever give up!" (Winston Churchill) And that is what I learned in this business today."

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