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Lori Heisler

How Emerging Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Educators Can Be Positive Forces of Change.

Date of Interview - Friday, August 11, 2017 @ 11am MST

A purpose driven entrepreneur, catalyst for social change and devoted champion for children, Lori's the Founder and President of the newly launched Greater Good Institute.

Founded on the belief that all people deserve to be treated with dignity, compassion and love, the Greater Good Institute provides opportunities for emerging leaders, educators and entrepreneurs to leverage their influence, strengthen their leadership, uplift humanity and become inspiring agents of change.

As a heart-led leader dedicated to doing work that makes a difference, Lori offers the following advice, for anyone looking to do the same:

"We live in a culture where our success is defined by our title, our position, our bank account and accomplishments; but if we want to live a life fulfilled and if we want to truly want to make an impact, we need to redefine our values. For most of us that includes living a life full of love, joy and service. Only when we get clear about our values and the legacy we want to leave, can we truly lead a life worth living."

Having worked in education most of her career, Lori had a profound shift in focus when as an administrator, she realized her primary concern for children centered more around ensuring their basic physical, social and emotional needs were being met than whether or not they were adequately performing on standardized tests and the ever-changing state standards.

Inspired by her background in education and her unwavering commitment to having all children reach their fullest potential, Lori created Good For Her Startup Camp, an intensive 9 week start-up for female entrepreneurs looking to lead audacious for-profit businesses that advance the lives of women and children.

A seasoned solo traveler and adventurer, this October, Lori will be joining ECPAT-USA on an advocacy journey to Thailand to learn about the broad scope and work being done on the ground to combat child prostitution, pornography and sex trafficking. Lori's goal is to spread awareness and learn best practices on how the Greater Good Institute can be a powerful influence of change in helping to prevent all violence and exploitation of children.

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