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Mona Lucero

How Art inspired a Life of Fashion Designing For This Colorado Creative.

Date of Interview -Friday, October 6 2017 @ 11am PST

Mona’s first memory is of drawing her grandmother’s portrait on the side of a shoebox with a crayon. She thought the drawing captured her grandmother perfectly and at that moment, her dream was to be an artist.

Born in San Francisco and growing up in Grand Junction, Colorado, she moved to Denver to start art school and graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. While there, she was inspired by soft sculpture and wearable art. All the while dressing as eccentrically as she could think, in her senior year, she found a new love in fashion design.

She moved to New York City to graduate with an Associate in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has worked in a variety of fashion industry jobs including assistant patternmaker, screen print artist, technical designer, and activewear designer. She has costume designed for several theatre companies and dance companies such as Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre, El Centro Su Teatro, and Elitch Gardens Historic Theatre Company.

In 1993, in her constant search to bring together art and fashion, she designed and created her first hand-dyed and screen printed collection and began to wholesale her bags and clothing to fashionable shops. From 2002 to 2012, she sold her designs and other Denver and international designers in her eponymous boutique in Denver’s Lower Highlands neighborhood.

Mona is involved in community and is the head and co-originator of Fashion Association of Denver. She serves on the Blue Ribbon Commission of Denver’s Arts & Venues Imagine 2020 Arts Initiative and is an advisor to Denver Architectural Foundation.

In 2012, she redirected her focus on the creation of unique pieces – each custom designed for individual clients and will soon be selling her beautiful designs at



  • “Best of” awards from Denver’s Westword5280 Magazine, and Fashion Group International, and nationally from City Magazine in New York City.
  • Featured in the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, and 303 Magazine.
  • Recognized as one of Denver’s top designers for the Fashion Project Contest at Tamarac Square.
  • Received Westword’s coveted Fashion Mastermind Award.
  • Nominated for Favorite Local Fashion Designer by 303 Magazine.
  • Started the Fashion Association of Denver, along with Kathy Bacon. It's mission is to create a dynamic environment in Denver where fashion businesses can thrive, specifically to create a forum on Facebook and other places in which fashion professionals can share experiences, knowledge and to network with each other. Also, to lift the level of visibility of Denver fashion to the general community. 
  • Along with other FAD members, launched
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