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Social Media & Me

OMG I have tried blogging so many times. I am a very interesting person. I have done a lot in my 60 years. I have always shared the good, the bad and the ugly. You know I am a mom and wife and a do-gooder in the world always looking for what the Universe wants me doing next. You know I have been doing radio for 7 years. You know about my travels and my life in Thailand. You know that 2 out of my 3 adult children speak to me. You might NOT know all about my past which was terrifying at times. But if you asked me, I would tell you. I made tons of mistakes and learned from the best people who came in and out of my life. I am here to connect and share for the betterment of all humans on this planet. It is pretty simple for me. If you know me, you know I will be your biggest cheerleader. I can say that now, because I am also MY biggest cheerleader. I have forgiven myself and loved myself with no excuses. Today is all I have, my friend so making the best of it all, every moment is where I live.

I enjoy being alone as much as I love the connection with others. I am a meditator and reader of "Awakening" in this life. That is what is next and that certainly does not happen by spending my time on Social Media. The moment I don't engage and take the time to post - my whole world seems to open up with self attention.

I am at a point in my life where I have stopped listening to what others say I should be doing, or how I look on Facebook. It seems life is based so much on how people perceive who we are on all social media outlets. From what I see, we are all about all the good we are doing which is real, but the struggles are more real and promote growth and confidence in sharing that story. So many women are trying to prove themselves to each other. It is a bit of a competition these days, although it is never spoken. It is hard for people to not compare themselves to each other - "This is what I am doing now" and it changes daily for some. I have seen regular lovely people go from having a conversation and sharing to "Now I am a life coach and I can set up a time to talk to you and oh by the way I charge $65 an hour." Huh? It is a bit mind boggling.

When I was enthralled in my radio show - I posted a lot to keep the interest of the guests to be interviewed. It was a lot of work on my end and maybe 5% did the work on their end to promote. It was quite frustrating. I was surprised by the fact that there was a lack of cross promoting. We were all in this together, right? Social Media is great for promoting as long as your audience stays with you and the algorithms on Facebook stay put. If not you are on your own trying to make a name for yourself. My radio shows were awesome - my guests were awesome. Somehow I feel like something different needs to happen. EVERYONE seems to be doing radio now or podcasting with guest topics I have done. The market seems saturated. I am searching for a new way - a way to set myself apart from what everyone else is doing on social media. Quite a feat, I know.

For me now at 60, I have the ability to sit back and experience my own life as it unfolds. I am doing that - this phase is quite different. It is a time of appreciating the fun, the solitude, friends, family and really engaging in it face to face - not text to text. I am of the generation where we had to connect face to face. We couldn't text our boss and quit our job, we had to discuss things in person. I was always taught to show up - just show up! I use social media as a mirror for things I need to hear. I am showing up for me and what I want in this life. Time goes by so fast. My famous words are, "Yesterday I was 30!"

This blog will feature just that - Showing Up - that will be the premise of it all. Stay tuned and please come back and share your thoughts.

With extreme love,


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