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Penny Jolie

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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

"Our daughter struggled with addiction for most of her life. On September 1st, 2011 – she gave birth to a baby girl. It was found at that time our granddaughter had THC in her system, the hospital was suppose to have run additional blood work, but my daughter was discharged before that could happen. Our daughter and her husband, came to our home from the hospital for the first two weeks, as they lived in a family homeless shelter and needed the extra support.

I think my husband and I knew in our hearts after the first few months that we would someday be raising our granddaughter.

We had family dinners every Sunday, and it was apparent that Indie wasn’t thriving.

I had been working out of town for weeks at a time and then found my “dream” job back in Denver. The first week I started my new job, we received a call from Jefferson county that our daughter had overdosed and that they needed us to pick up Indie. The “father” attempted to pick her up but was found to have drugs in his system as well, so we were the only choice other than foster care. We asked where and when we could pick her up and they indicated we couldn’t pick her up until a court hearing on Friday, it was a Wednesday. Knowing that she was in foster care just killed us, not saying that all foster care systems are bad, just that she was with strangers and I could only image what she was thinking. She was 18 months old at the time.

Our lives changed overnight; her mom survived her overdose, but lost her daughter after the courts terminated both parental rights in July of 2013. We officially adopted Indie on November 22nd 2013 – on National Adoption Day. We were surround by our friends as we celebrated with a Forever Family Party because something in Indie’s life needed to be celebrated!

We no longer have our daughter, Nicole, becuase she overdosed on heroin in March 2018. We do have her precious gift, her daughter Indie!"

~ Penny Jolie

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