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Rosemary Slavsky

What Led Rosemary to Hospice and How it Turned Into a Passion in Her Life.

Date of Interview -Tuesday, September 5, 2017 @ 7pm PST

"I feel very fortunate that I can put a smile on my face and serve in a positive way."

- Rosemary Slavsky

Rosemary Slavsky has 3 daughters and 6 Grandchildren. She have been married for almost 33 years. One of her greatest joys is helping out with her Grandkids. There are 5 boys and 1 girl that keeps her very busy. She enjoys being with them very much.

She loves walking - being out in nature and she loves lifting weights at the gym. She also loves to travel and is an avid reader.

She is passionate about giving back in the world so she volunteers at Evergreen Hospice. Her mother passed from cancer and there was no support for her family, so she decided to give what she didn't receive. She loves volunteering for Hospice!

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