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Sarah Hull

Writing Books That You Dream About at 17 Years Old.

Date of Interview - Tuesday, June 20, 2017 @ 7pm PST

Sarah Hull is a 17 year old author who’s hair is almost as colorful as her dazzling personality. She loves writing horror, humor, and fantasy which has been known to make a some people cry; which she is fine with. She has won a few awards for some of her short stories and is currently working on her first “real” novel. Sarah finds herself very funny, but tends to laugh at her own jokes more than anyone else does. When she isn’t writing (which is most of the time), you can find her complaining about how cold she is, doodling, or trying her hand at video games that she never seems to get any better at.

You can find her on

Twitter @GingerAuthor

Instagram @GingerAuthor where she mostly just posts pictures of her cats.

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