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Sue Decaro

A Mom's Evolution for Finding her Own Passion in Life Through Parenting in a New Way.

Date of Interview -Friday, September 8, 2017 @ 1pm EST

"I truly believe that our children are here to help us learn just as much as we are to help them learn."" - Sue Decaro

Sue is a mom, thought leader, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, educator, trainer, social entrepreneur, motivational speaker, writer, and is the co-founder of Building Connected Communities.

Sue is the founder of DeCaro Parent Coaching, a private practice supporting parents. Sue integrates education, consciousness, and coaching to help families to grow and thrive. Sue’s training as a parent coach combined with her own family's experiences enables her to approach every client with empathy and to craft a tailored approach to achieve their goals.

Sue is a co-founder of Building Connected Communities, a hub of global, consciously aware thought leaders coming together to speak, educate, coach and counsel to create a new world for the next generation.

As a main stage speaker and educator, she travels extensively speaking to large and small groups, bringing more awareness to the way we live and raise our children. Workshops and speaking engagements are designed and facilitated to motivate and empower parents.

As a writer, Sue’s work has been featured on Simple Reminders, several blogs, and magazines. Sue is a director at Bryant McGill’s Thought Leader School as well as part of The Royal Society, bringing growth oriented messages to members all over the world through videos.

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