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Tammy Abramovitz

What it Means to Share "Big Love" in Tammy's Everyday Life in All That She Does.

Date of Interview -Tuesday, September 12, 2017 @ 8pm MST

"I am Big Love and I will put it on ya!" - Tammy Abramovitz

"Tammy is a confident adventurer, sensitive and contemplative. She has a live-out-loud personality that is generous and achievement oriented. She is a driven altruist and a creative sophisticate. Her servant leadership style and her hospitality based heart make for magical gatherings. A life long learner, she is a devotee of "holding space" for her friends and family. Her current passionate purpose is around serving on the Board of Trustees at Warren Village in Denver and her personal passions include entertaining, community engagement, philanthropy and free range junking."


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