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Is it Really About Timing?

I started a book a couple of years ago to let people know how much selling everything and moving to another country is so much about my letting go. That process took me to another dimension from the inside out. I thought we were going there for my husband, but it was really for me. I would be sitting on the back of our motorcycle, touring the countryside and I would hear these very strong voices speak to me and it was so clear. I believed Buddha was speaking to me from the many temples we always passed by, so I listened. I have 12 chapters started. Perhaps the time is now to finish. I have shared my first intro paragraph of my book below. My words flowed nicely I thought. I have so much more but why is the word Timing here today and I find my book in my files. I haven't looked at them in a while. The answer is right here - no more asking.

Chapter 1

There is that saying that “Timing is Everything.” There is no other time like now that I realize how true that is. I believe everything aligns at that exact moment that you are ready to make a change in your life. There is an excitement of the unknown. There is an endless amount of possibilities that go through your mind, that take you to some other place, almost like a wonderland state of being. And then, there it is. The words come out of your mouth and then put into the world. You wonder if you actually said them. All of sudden, you sit in a place where you wish you would have been slower in the delivery. You doubt what you said, or maybe it was the wine that gave you those loose lips. But you said it. Now what? Did I really say those words? Did they have meaning? Did he hear them correctly?

“Let’s just sell everything and move to Thailand.”

The spontaneity of those words surprised me. Did I really say that? We had just remodeled our house. It was a six month ordeal. I was the queen of my castle and a castle it certainly turned out to be. At the time, I never thought of what it all entailed in my future for the next 4 months. I said it. There it was. Timing..............

Shall I go on with this book - I am going to sit on this one a minute. Stay tuned. Subscribe. Hang out with me here.

What time is it?

Yours truly,


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