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Trish Walker

Doing 50 New Things in Your 50th Year.

Date of Interview -Tuesday, August 29, 2017 @ 8pm MST

"Having done the 50 things in my 50th year gave me that empowerment & confidence that I needed."  - Trish Walker

Trish’s journey began several years ago when she knew there was something more out there for her. She had left her corporate career in the medical device/pharmaceutical industry to stay at home and raise her son. After several years, Trish realized that they would both be happiest if I found what my soul was calling me to do.

Trish’s path led her to her certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has also acquired her Life Cycle Celebrant title through the Celebrant Foundation. Along with Trish’s Master Reiki title and her previous background in health care and business, she’s utilizing her skills to work with clients who may have lost themselves in their careers, raising a family or any other life transitions that may have occurred (ie, divorce, job loss, etc.)

Fast forward to today where Trish has acquired several modalities and am using them to help my clients find what is calling their souls. With her certifications in Reiki, Energy Mastery and Holistic Health Coaching, she is able to intuitively work with clients to help them find the answers within themselves to step into the best version of You and come out with version You 2.0.

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