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    Jeffrey Warner

    "Moments Pause" Project

    Reminding Us All of the Socially Binding Commonalities That All Humans Share

    Brice Hancock

    From Near Death to Changing My Life and Helping Others by Creating Mile High Sober Living

    Linda Kozloff-Turner

    Highlighting a journey of professional women with a Book & Exhibition on "Women of Jewelry"

    Carlyn Shaw

    Life Lover. Story Teller. Action Taker.

    Friend Maker.

    People = Possibilities

    Kathy Bacon

    2017 at a Glance & What's Next for

    What's Your Story?

    Aiden,Till & Karen Klammer

    A Family's Commitment: Taking Action Against Plastic Pollution

    in Our Oceans

    Lauren Raymond

    Supporting People in Living Healthier, Wealthier, and More Joyful Lives.

    Nancy Blizzard

    From Finance to Fashion

    The Creation of Daisy Blue Fashion TV

    Jon Blystone

    "Seven Ways in 7 Days"

    My Journey From Darkness to Light

    Cara Jones

    "Second Coming"

    The Documentary

    Revisiting The Past So It Can be Released

    Luke D. Maxwell

    Overcoming Major Depressive Disorder

    "U Can't B Erased"

    Pat Armitstead

    "Joyful Empowerment" The Only Way Out is Through

    Cody Teets

    Our Choices and Living a Purpose Driven Life

    Kaye A. Peters

    A Life's Journey of 80 + Years

    Alexander Demetrius

    We Are All Bound By the Journey Rather Than the Destination

    Nueng Gulsatit

    A Unique Restaurant Concept in Thailand by a Local Entrepreneur

    Mona Lucero

    How Art inspired a Life of Fashion Designing For This Colorado Creative

    Dani Turcotte

    Helping Entrepreneurs Transform Their Lives by Changing Their Beliefs About Money, Success and Self-Worth!

    Maggie Burns

    Creating a Fashion Wedding Dress Business After the Age of 50

    Vanessa Canteberry

    How To Change Your Mindset & Determine Your Own Destiny!

    Angie Fenimore

    Writing a Book - Myths & Self Publishing Discussion to Empower New Authors

    Tammy Abramovitz

    What it Means to Share "Big Love" in Tammy's Everyday Life

    Sue DeCaro

    A Mom's Evolution for Finding her Own Passion in Life Through Parenting in a New Way

    Rose Slavsky

    What Led Rosemary to Hospice and How it Turned Into a Passion in Her Life

    Trish Walker

    "50 New Things

    in Your 50th Year"

    Doing it All

    Krystal Covington

    How Networking as an Introvert Led Krystal to Starting a Different Kind Women's Group

    Caroline Corey

    Caroline's Interesting Life Of Travel & Adventure

    Lori Heisler

    How Emerging Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Educators Can Be Positive Forces of Change

    Brooke Jones

    How to Live Intentional With Kindness,

    Love & Joy

    Erin Taylor & Sue DeCaro

    How Erin & Sue Are Supporting Professionals in Building Connected Communities

    Jenny White

    Finding your Own Unique Way of Living with Authenticity

    Antoinette Jackson

    The Creation of a Plastic Free Food Storage Business in Thailand

    Sarah Hull

    Writing Books That You Dream About

    at 17 Years Old

    Kat Atwell

    Successfully Living With All the Ups & Downs of Mental Illness

    Kerri-Ann Appleton

    Finding Your Authentic Self With Loving Through the Pain

    Jenna Leveille

    Jenna's Motivated, Massive Weight Loss Journey and What She Found in Herself, Through Others Too

    Dr. Annie Bacon

    Eye-care For Adults & Children While Living in Our World of Technology

    Denise & Shane Faddis

    Project 128. 1 Love. 2 People. 8 Weeks. Bringing Couples Closer Together With a Workbook of Creative Activities

    Olivia Omega Wallace

    The Importance of Branding & Social Media as an Entrepreneur

    Elayna Hasty

    Founder of G.A.B. Girls Organization Promoting Leadership, Self-Esteem, Community Involvement, & Communication Skills to Children of All Ages

    Benny Bleacher III

    Inspiring People All Over the World to Reach Their Dreams & Acknowledge Their Potential Though Kindness

    Ken Elliott

    How to Create the Life Your Desire with Simple Manifesting Techniques

    Chrissie Hodges

    Chrissie is The Messenger/Advocate For Spreading Awareness About Mental Health, Brain Disorders & Suicide Prevention

    Amber Dinh

    Amber Advocates For Homelessness & Shares How This Population Was There for Her When She Felt Alone

    Victoria Wolf &

    Richard Ouellette

    How This Power Couple Took on the Growth of a Business In Partnership & Marriage

    Carlyn Shaw

    Denver's Strangers to Friends Takes the City by Storm in it's Creative Dialogue to a "Meetup."

    James Davis

    What it Means to Live a Life of Courage & an Open Heart

    Adam Baca

    Transforming Young Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Families & Children to Live Better Quality Lives

    Charley Johnson

    CEO of Interactive Kindness App Called RIPIL

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