another day.

    live | think | breathe

    february 2018

    love. give. express.

    "Life is a precious and fragile gift, to be cherished and celebrated each day as the very special occasion that it is..."
    ~ Mary Anne Byrne


    i love. you love. we love.

    thoughtful living

    for the love of the moon

    january 2018

    change. live. resolve.

    pure pink

    with my own 2 hands

    "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."
    ~ Buddha

    polar perfection

    woo art gallery - chiang mai, thailand

    505 steps to enlightenment

    december 2017

    love. family. friends. share.

    Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    It is in the giving that we receive.

    San Francisco - City Lights Books

    december 2016

    tis' the season

    fa la la la la la la la la

    oh baby, it's cold outside

    Stormy morning in Spofford, NH. This house was built in the 1800's as living quarters

    for workers at the local brush handle factory.

    Photo by Jeff Newcomer 

    let it snow....let it snow.....let it snow


    simple. celebration.

    Photo credits: Walther & Co

    joy & laughter


    november 2017

    love. life. art. thanks. giving.

    “When a cat flatters ... he is not insincere: you may safely take it for real kindness.”



    thank you for representing the freedom I need to live. my. life.

    art in thailand

    "I am too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours in greener."

    Fall Florals

    alex elle - she says it perfectly

    november 8, 2017

    true colors


    “Typically I come home, shower, eat dinner, and then get into bed and watch some of my favorite shows ― ‘Family Guy’ or ‘Adventure Time.’ And then go to sleep, just to be able to wake up for the next day.” Skylar Brandt, Soloist at American Ballet Theater.

    Photo Credit: Damon Dahlen

    Giving Thanks today and everyday

    and then there is a new day

    october 2017

    life. love. art.

    "Life shows up in art on the streets. I see myself there."

    october 2, 2107

    "The simplicity of all living things is right in front of me"

    october 7, 2017

    "Teaching me what you know was brilliant."

    october 9, 2017

    "I really can't stay put, oh the places I'll go....."

    october 10, 2017

    "I saw an angel last night in my dreams. She Spoke. To. Me."

    october 13, 2017

    "Take me with you. I will never leave."

    october 15, 2017

    "Cozy afternoons with just us."

    october 16, 2017

    "Keep me close for safe keeping"

    October 17, 2017

    "Let me work, let me play, let me wallow in the day"

    october 17, 2017

    Ryan Conners . Kilkennycatart

    CAT in Ugly Christmas Sweater Original Folk Art Painting


    "Always been in love and even owned a convertible bug. Pure Heaven on Earth."

    Turtleneck + Wide-Leg Pants + Sneakers


    "Here comes that rainy day feeling again....."

    october 18, 2017

    Iris Apfel

    Fashion Icon Extraordinaire

    october 19, 2107

    love these lights

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