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    with Talk Show Host - Kathy Bacon

    "I decided I wanted to create a different kind of radio show than I had ever done before. Thus, "What's Your Story? was born and I am proud to say that it encompasses all of who we are, all the bits and pieces that we see fit to share. This is not your typical radio style show. It's an effort to create human connection by seeing and hearing the guest on the interview. I want you to be engaged in what you hear and see and understand how people are living their lives. I want you to hear what they are doing in everyday situations that make them who they are today.


    I have always loved stories! Not just any story - a story that shows our humanity authentically. A story that knocks on our life's door, makes us open up to all possibilities and decide how we might just show up in the world today and everyday.


    The stories I hear from my guests, always seem to equate to something that has happened to me along the way. But isn't that the way it is? We are all one and our journeys can intersect with some of the same experiences that others might have too. The only difference is that we are each unique individuals in our perception of things. My experience could be the same scenario as yours, but how I deal with it, feel it, take it in, is most likely different than your experience. That's the be auty of it, realizing that each of us have different emotions in the way we feel them within us.


    There is no wrong or right on how to do things in this life. There is no shame in the way we have orchestrated something in our lives, compared to someone else. There is no one exactly like you and no one exactly like me. Beautiful, right? Just think how much we can learn from each other? My ideas and your ideas coming together could solve all the world's problems, huh? And just imagine others - every single person who is out there in the world just living their lives. Some have no idea, they are not alone, until they hear your voice, your story. You have the opportunity to inspire another human being! I love that you allow me into your story for just a time. We can all be a voice for those who might be afraid to speak their truth.


    It all makes sense why I host this talk show What's Your Story? I am a seeker. I thrive on connection. I like to look into your eyes and have you look into mine. You have to be ready, because when you are, your world will simply explode with courage and inspiration for all those listening. I, for one, am very excited about it! Embrace your authenticity. Be proud of who you are and what you have gone through. Speak your truth. I am listening."

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