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    "I’ve heard so many different answers when I ask the question, What’s Your Story?

    From people telling me about their childhood to listing their accomplishments as if they’re reading from their resume. There is no right answer. I see it as a fascinating study on people, and how they interpret the question’s meaning. It’s also a great reminder that we each have our own unique story filled with ups, downs, tragedy, triumph, and everything in-between.'

    ~ Kathy Bacon ~

    OCTOBER 2018

    "Reality Chick"

    Every month at 10am PST

    Are you a real woman doing real things that matter?



    1. be of importance; have significance.


    importance, consequence, significance, note, import, weight

    be important, make any/a difference, be of importance, be of consequence, be relevant, count;


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    REAL Woman

    Penny Jolie

    OCTOBER 24

    REAL NEWS: Although it is never really the ideal situation, some grandparents find that they need to raise their grandchildren because the parents of those children are not in a position to do. Sometimes it is because of financial circumstances and sometimes it is because of unsafe circumstances in the parent’s home because of drug abuse. Whatever the case may be, more grandparents than ever before are stepping up to the plate.


    REAL things that MATTER:

    Penny and her husband Michael are raising their daughters child, Indie. Her daughter Nicole suffered from drug abuse and overdosed from heroin. Now Penny and Michael have become parents again in their 50's.


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    REAL Woman

    Rose Ratcliffe Slavsky



    In The Power of Eight, now out in paperback, you’ll read hundreds of documented cases of crippling arthritis, cataracts, multiple sclerosis, scoliosis, depression, IBS, chronic fatigue, and much more – all being healed just through people sending their loving thoughts in a group.

    And when people continue to meet regularly in Power of Eight groups, every part of their lives begins to heal: relationships, finances, careers, life purposes. Group intention has even been shown to end highly polarized groups.


    REAL things that MATTER:

    Rose knows about how the Power of 8 can transform lives. She decided to start a group with 8 people committed to spending 10 minutes a week at 8pm every Thursday to pray for whatever the group is needing. Each person within the group is able to put out what prayer is needed for them or others.

    What's Your Story? Guests

    APRIL/MAY 2018

    Videos of Wisdom

    Kathy Bacon

    60 Years. 60 Days. 60 Things I've Learned.

    On this milestone Birthday, Kathy appears in videos for the next 60 days to share with you what she has learned in this life. The good. The bad. The ugly.


    Watch LIVE every morning here until May 30th.

    Also posted on Kathy Bacon What's Your Story? Facebook page

    MARCH Guests 2018

    Wednesday, March 14 @8pm MST

    Executive Director at Mile High Sober Living

    Wednesday, March 21 @7pm PST

    A civic researcher, documentarian, and media artist. Focus: Development and Social Change

    FEBRUARY Guests 2018

    Wednesday, February 7 @8pm MST

    Life Lover. Story Teller. Action Taker. Friend Maker. People = Possibilities

    Wednesday, February 21 @8pm MST

    Jewelry Designer, Artist, Author

    JANUARY 2018

    Mind. Body. Spirit.

    Elevation of Inspiration

    Wednesday, January 31 @ 10am PST

    Elevation of Inspiration

    Wednesday, January 31 @ 10am PST

    Elevation of inspiration

    Wednesday, January 31 @ 10am PST

    FEBRUARY 2018


    Jillie Johnston

    "Elevation of Inspiration"

    Wednesday, February 28 @10am MST

    Founder of "Love Letters to Yourself"

    MARCH 2018

    Empowering Women

    Lisa Doromal

    "Elevation of Inspiration"

    Wednesday, March 28 @10am MST

    Founder & CEO of

    Dress for Success Phoenix

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