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    Middle of Nowhere Video Series

    Do you want to live with less stuff? Have new adventures?

    Watch these informative videos about Living in Thailand

    Back From Thailand

    Introduction to the Video Series

    Introducing the Travel Series about

    living in Thailand

    Video #1

    The Reason Why?

    Step 1 to Living the Dream

    Video #2

    Making a Plan

    Do I really have to get rid of all my stuff?

    Video #3

    Taking it On

    Making it real in our Life

    Video #4

    Listening to Your Heart

    Having the courage to dd what is right for you

    Video #5

    Saying Goodbye to Friends & Family

    Don't expect to have your family and friends to jump up and down with your decision

    Video #6

    Landing in Thailand

    Landing in Thailand after 15 years!

    Video #7

    Our Pets

    Giving up our Pets to a Loving Home. Brutal!

    Video #8

    Settling In

    Being a World Wide & Community Minded Traveler

    Video #9

    Finding Our Tribe

    Making new friends in a Foreign Country

    Video #10

    Working Online

    If you work online - you really can live anywhere and if this is something you can do - I say go for it. Really.

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